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Work for a leading home doctor service bringing quality GP locum care to patients across Perth

Night Doctor was formed in 2016 by Perth GPs who wanted to improve the quality of care provided to patients after hours and the support provided to doctors undertaking home visits.

We have built a strong reputation for providing exceptional care to patients in their homes and our quality GP locum workforce underpins this achievement.

We are the preferred service for GPs and hospital doctors looking to work for a reputable home doctor service.

Locum Doctor Positions

We are seeking skilled GP Fellows, GP Registrars and Hospital Doctors to join our team of doctors. You must be PGY3+ and have experience in Emergency Medicine, Paediatrics and Surgery.

Some reasons doctors choose to work with us:

  • flexibility and high earning potential to suit a favourable work-life balance
  • seeking extra shifts around their other GP or hospital work
  • hospital doctors considering General Practice as a career
  • GP Registrars wanting to gain experience while waiting for General Practice placements to begin
  • maintaining skills and income whilst on study, maternity or other leave

Medical Deputising. Done Right

Night Doctor is a Medical Deputising Service (MDS), providing care to patients on behalf of GPs after hours. MDSs have traditionally been seen by many as places where doctors go to earn money but are at risk of de-skilling.

There are various reasons for this perception, including poor doctor support, inadequate clinical systems, inappropriate service use (e.g. non-urgent cases), lack of equipment, to name a few.

We have transformed MDS care and set a new standard not only in the eyes of patients and GPs, but also the wider medical community, including ED doctors and paramedics. With the right approach and support, working as an after hours home doctor is a fantastic learning experience.

Urgent Care Service

We are an urgent care service and so only review patients with acute presentations. The acuity level of the cases sits between Emergency Medicine and General Practice.

You will be reducing ED presentations by seeing patients who can’t access their GP after hours, including young families, the elderly, those with limited mobility or residents of Disability or Residential Aged Care Facilities.

Clinical Experience

Through telephone triage and home visits you gain a large amount of experience in General Practice, Emergency Medicine, Paediatrics, General Medicine, Surgery, Geriatrics and Telehealth.

For non-GP Fellows, working at Night Doctor is a great stepping stone towards practising independently, in a supported environment.

Private Billing

Night Doctor is a private billing service which brings more benefits than just higher earnings. You are paid based on a percentage of your billings and higher rates are available for GP Fellows.

Higher Earnings

Private billing means you
earn what you deserve for
working unsociable hours.
The gap is essential if
you’re a non-VR doctor
receiving lower Medicare

No Rushing

Don’t rely on rushing
through a load of visits
to earn good money.
It’s not good for the
patient or your health!

Higher Acuity

A gap means many patients
with non-urgent conditions
prefer to wait to see their GP,
resulting in more interesting
and higher acuity cases.

Systems and Custom Software

Our systems and custom software take all the stress out of providing high quality quality care on the road. Prior to your first shift we will sit down with you for an orientation session and your assistant will help you settle in during your first shifts.

Medicare Billing

Our custom software simplifies your billing decisions and ensures you document appropriately to fully comply with Medicare regulations. You are given complete control over your billings.

Car + Dr's Assistant

Your assistant is much more than just a driver, providing you with invaluable clinical and clerical support in your visits.

Home Pickup

Your assistant will pick you up from home at the start of your shift and drop you off when your shift is finished.

Telephone Triage

Take and document a history over the phone in transit to make visits quicker and maximise the traditionally underutilised driving time between cases. Knowing the problems ahead of time allows you to prepare your plan, call the GP supervisor for advice or check best practice guidelines if you need to.

Everything You Ever Need

We provide all of the equipment and medications you could want to provide high quality care to patients, at no cost to you. All you need to bring is a stethoscope.

Just some of the things we provide:

  • Doctor’s phone with eTG, AMH and other key resources
  • high quality equipment inc. Welch Allyn scopes
  • medications and doctors box stocked by Night Doctor and brought to your shift by your assistant
  • emergency kit inc. oxygen and AED
AMH support therapeutic guideline support

Your Safety Comes First

Your safety is important to us. By pairing you with an assistant, monitoring your shift and through phone triage, we ensure that you feel comfortable undertaking home visits at any location and any time of the day or night.


Your assistant
accompanies and
supports you in all your
home visits


Your team’s location is
constantly tracked and
monitored by the shift

Phone Triage

Speak to your patients
before attending. You are
free to not attend if
concerns are raised.

No Contracted Hours. Ultimate flexibility

We don’t believe in committing doctors to shifts with contracts or by offering up front incentive payments. Our approach offers ultimate flexibility to work around your lifestyle and your other work or commitments.

By signing up to Night Doctor, you can:

  • work as little or as many shifts as you like
  • choose to work short or long shifts or a mixture of the two
  • increase or decrease the frequency of shifts to fit around your lifestyle or other work
  • pause working at Night Doctor whenever you like (e.g. family commitments, to travel, rural rotations etc)

Dr Mike Patton

GP Supervisor
Medical Director

Dr Doug McCarthy

GP Supervisor

Around The Clock Support

We ensure you are never alone if you are in need of clinical support on the road.

Our GP supervisors are available around the clock to help you over the phone.

They are also able to provide support through videoconference or review clinical pictures (e.g. rash or wound opinion) if needed.

Learn More

If you are interested in applying to work at Night Doctor or would like to learn more, please complete this short form and our Practice Manager will be in touch. We aim to contact all doctors within 1 business day.

Refer a doctor

Do you have a friend or colleague who might be interested in joining our team of doctors? If so, we'd love to reward you for referring them to us! Read about our referral program to learn more.