What makes us different?


Our doctors have triaged their patients since the early days of Night Doctor. We introduced triage to address patient safety concerns.

We found a significant number of patients were booking with our service who actually required higher levels of care in the emergency department (ED), and did not want to delay patients getting the urgent care they needed.

Your doctor will call you prior to your visit to discuss your condition and offer initial treatment advice. They will call you straight away if they are concerned about your condition. Please keep your phone nearby so you don't miss their call.

We understand that waiting for a doctor and not knowing when they will arrive can make patients and parents very anxious.

Our doctors provide an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) within 30 minutes of booking. The ETA is provided by the doctor who will visit you. This means you get a realistic ETA. If it's a busy shift - they'll be upfront about this.

We get delayed sometimes and we're proactive at keeping you up to date if we expect any delays. We will send an SMS or call you if we expect to be later than your ETA so you are always kept in the loop.


We’re a Western Australian company. We’re committed to providing jobs for local people and giving back to the community.

Night Doctor is just one piece in a bigger healthcare puzzle. We are always working hard to integrate better with local healthcare providers as this benefits those providers, and ultimately our patients.

We are currently working on fostering better working relationships with paramedics, local Emergency Departments (ED), GPs, as well as disability care and nursing homes.

We carry by far the largest selection of medications in the industry so you are covered for any event. That way you will never have to go out to the pharmacy late at night, whatever your condition.

We pride ourselves on carrying an unrivalled and extensive range of top quality medical equipment, including oxygen and defibrillators. This allows our doctors to undertake comprehensive reviews, reduce emergency admissions and keep you safe however unwell you might be.

Many billing errors made by doctors are not intentional and result from confusing Medicare rules. We have created custom software that significantly reduces the risk of billing mistakes.

Our doctors are in control of their own billing at all times and have no quotas to meet. This is essential to ensure they are not forced into billing inappropriately.

Unlike most other services, our doctors triage patients before attending - this is crucial not only for patient safety, but also necessary if they are to fully comply with Medicare regulations - Medicare require doctors to decide what they should bill for a visit BEFORE attending the patient.

We have a clinical assessment for any doctor that is not a GP specialist or GP trainee.

We assess the doctor's ability to communicate effectively with patients, to triage (over the phone) safely, and to care for sick patients.

The assessment has a particular focus on paediatric cases as these account for nearly half of the patients we see at Night Doctor.

We are continually innovating and using technology to improve the care we provide to our patients.

We use video-conferencing to:

  • Triage patients
  • Provide Medical Director support
  • Undertake doctor assessments

Video-conference triage

Many of our patients choose Night Doctor because of the reassurance they get from discussing their case with an experienced doctor within 30 mins of booking. Night Doctor has pioneered home visit doctor triage but now we have gone a step further.

We have been trialling Video Conference (VC) Triage and have found it to be a game changer, allowing us further reduce burden on our local emergency departments.

Before we introduced VC Triage our doctors had to refer some cases to emergency as they could not safely judge in a phone conversation the severity of the patient's condition (e.g. how bad is the child's breathing). With VC Triage we can observe the patient in realtime (e.g the child's breathing) and more accurately determine whether the situation is an emergency or not.

Our patients can join a VC Triage on a tablet, smart phone or computer. Patients are sent a link by SMS or email at the time of triage which they use to join the conference. iPhone users are prompted to download an app. Non-iphone users can simply access the conference in their browser. No sign up process is required. It's quick and simple!

Medical Director support

We use video-conferencing to provide our Medical Director a live link to the home-visit consultation - allowing for a more thorough assessment and better advice for complex cases.

Video-conferencing allows us to provide a level of senior supervisor support comparable to and in many circumstances better than that found in a normal general practice or hospital environment

Doctor assessments

We go beyond the government's requirements for continuing professional education and doctor assessments by undertaking regular video-conference assessments of live consultations.

Video-conferencing assessments provide our doctors with valuable learning opporuntities and ensure we maintain the highest of clinical standards for our patients.

We launched our service in March 2016 setting out to prove that after-hours home visit care could be provided in a safe, responsible and cost-effective manner and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

There are a concerning lack of regulatory checks and balances within the after-hours home visit industry. We have taken an innovative and rigourous self-regulatory approach which has transformed home visit care; patients are much safer and taxpayers much happier.

We may be a relatively small company, but since our launch we have transformed every aspect of after-hours home visit care. We now lead the way in providing the most cost-effective and safest care to patients.

There have been widespread claims of abuse by some home visit services relating to Medicare fraud and poor quality service provision. We are not surprised to hear these stories given the lack of industry regulation.

We have proven that with the right attitude and approach, and by utilising our medical workforce more effectively, we can not only provide a safe and cost-effective service, but an exceptional service that pushes the boundaries of patient care.