General Practice Affiliation

We are a private billing after hours home visit service run by local GPs. We provide after hours home visits in your area. We started Night Doctor to provide a safe and responsible medical service of the highest quality.

We do not charge for affiliation so there is no cost to your Practice. Regulations allow practices to have multiple affiliated after hours services so if you have an existing affiliation which you wish to keep, you can maintain this going forward.

Some of the benefits of choosing Night Doctor as your after hours provider:

  • Telehealth rebates for your patients

    Patients that have seen a Doctor in your practice face to face in the last 12 months will be able to access medicare rebates for Telehealth from our Doctors after hours.

  • GPA accredited by RACGP 5th Edition Standards

    We are the first after hours service in Australia to be accredited by the RACGP 5th Edition Standards.

  • Highest quality care

    Our doctors must meet strict selection criteria and receive around the clock clinical support from GP Fellows. The majority of our doctors are GP Fellows and GP trainees. We have a reputation for providing the highest quality after hours care in Perth.

  • We promote evidence based practice

    We provide access to evidence based guidelines for our doctors. Our Medical Director regularly reviews our doctors’ notes to ensure we are treating your patients appropriately. If you have concerns our Medical Director is always available to discuss them.

  • Timely and comprehensive visit notes

    We ensure visit notes reach you without delay and notes are of a consistently high standard.

  • Triage

    Our doctors triage all patients prior to attending. Emergencies are referred to ED immediately. Inappropriate service requests such as for medical certificates, repeat scripts or review of non acute conditions are referred back to you at the time of triage.

  • Fully equipped vehicles for your patients’ safety

    We carry a wide range of quality equipment. Notably, all vehicles have emergency equipment including airway equipment, AED, and oxygen.

  • Better care for your complex patients

    We can upload clinical information to our system to allow our doctors to make better informed clinical decisions for your complex patients.

  • Strict policies about prescribing drugs with potential for abuse

    We strongly discourage our doctors from prescribing drugs of potential abuse except in rare cases when absolutely necessary. We have a policy where our doctors must contact the Prescriber Shopper Information Service, discuss these cases with the on call Medical Director and only provide a short supply to ensure we are prescribing appropriately.

  • Residential care support

    Through an affiliation we are able to provide after hours care to your residential care patients. Our doctors discuss all treatment decisions with the family to ensure the patients best interests are followed and to avoid unnecessary ED referrals.

  • Access to our patient education material

    We have a range of educational blogs and links to patient education resources in the library section of our website. We will also provide you with printed copies of our most popular blogs in a display stand for distribution to your patients.

  • Access to higher After Hours Practice Incentive Payments

    We can have a flexible agreement to cover your clinic only when you need us. So if you want us to only cover the unsociable after hours period so you can access the higher PIP that’s no problem. We have other Practices with flexible arrangements which suit their business model so get in touch to discuss further if you are interested.

If you are a GP or Practice Manager and want your practice to affiliate with Night Doctor, please fill out this form and email it to

If you wish to learn more about Night Doctor please get in touch at