Our GPs are providing telehealth consultations during the pandemic to support patients who are unwell or concerned about Coronavirus.

Our patients have found this service extremely valuable. GPs at Night Doctor are very experienced in assessing patients over the phone or video, as they do this routinely by triaging patients prior to home visits.

Telehealth picture

Our telehealth service

Detailed history and remote examination

Your doctor will take a detailed history of your medical problem. They will also undertake an examination over video, with your support.

Diagnosis and referral advice

In most cases, there is not a need to be referred for further care (to ED or the GP), and our doctor is able to provide a diagnosis, treatment advice and reassurance.

In some circumstances where follow-up is required, the doctor will advise you of what further management is needed and the urgency with which this must take place.

If a trip to the Emergency Department is advised, your doctor will be able to go through the risks and benefits of attending (e.g. risk of worsening condition vs. risk of being exposed to Coronavirus)


If a prescription is required, your doctor will forward the script to a pharmacy of your choosing.

Medical certificates

If you require a medical certificate, one can be emailed to you at the end of the consultation.


Patients are understandably concerned about Coronavirus and the potential implications for themselves and their family and friends. By undergoing a comprehensive telehealth assessment, our doctors will provide you with the facts, and the reassurance you need.

Coronavirus information

The advice around Coronavirus is constantly changing and there is a lot of misinformation in the internet. Our doctors are up to speed on the latest information and can help you separate fact from fiction.

Your GP will advise whether you require a test for Coronavirus and where to attend to have the test.

Isolation advice

Isolation is key to reducing the spread of the virus and keeping your family and friends safe. Your doctor will advise if isolation is required, what you must do to isolate and how long you should isolate for.

Opening hours

Monday 12am–8am, 6pm–12am
Tuesday 12am–8am, 6pm–12am
Wednesday 12am–8am, 6pm–12am
Thursday 12am–8am, 6pm–12am
Friday 12am–8am, 6pm–12am
Saturday 12am–8am, 12pm–12am
Sunday 24 hours
Public Holiday 24 hours

Telehealth cost and booking

Please see our fees to learn what fee applies for your telehealth consultation.

Call us now to make a booking. We won't keep you on hold.

Preparing for your telehealth consultation

Work out your heart rate

There are several ways in which you can work out your heart rate:

  • Use a blood pressure machine if you have one
  • Use a wearable device such as a smart watch or sports watch
  • Feel your pulse at your wrist. Count how many beats occur over 30 seconds and multiply this number by 2

If you are not able to provide our GP with you heart rate, that's absolutely fine!

Record your blood pressure

If you have a blood pressure machine, please record your blood pressure prior to your consultation. Do not worry though if you do not have a machine.

Take a picture of your throat

If you have a sore throat and are able to provide a clear picture of the back of your throat, this will help your doctor with their diagnosis. To take a picture of your throat:

  • Use the camera on your mobile phone
  • Turn on the flash
  • Stand in front of a mirror
  • Turn the phone around so that the screen is facing the mirror - you will be able to see your throat on the screen in the relection in the mirror
  • Open you mouth as wide as you can
  • If you cannot clearly see the very back of your throat (the part beyond the dangly bit in the middle) then poke your tongue out as far as you can
  • Take the picture
  • Try to take an in focus picture

The doctor will ask you to send the picture to them after they have started the Telehealth consultation.

If you are not able to take a picture, do not worry.

Take a picture of area of concern

Please take a picture of any area of concern (e.g. rash). The doctor may request you to send them the image during the consultation to support the diagnosis. Ensure that there is adequate light and the camera is in focus.

Record your blood oxygen levels

If you have a pulse oximeter or a smartwatch that measures your blood oxygen levels, please record these so that you can report them to the doctor.

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