Aged Care Home Visits

Night Doctor provides aged care doctor visits to patients in care homes across Perth. Our doctors are available throughout the after hours period including in the daytime on weekends and public holidays.

Caring for aged care patients after hours brings a unique set of challenges and Night Doctor leads the way in providing high quality aged care GP services when the patient's regular GP is not available.

Picture of a home visit doctor in Perth greeting a family at their front door

Opening hours

Monday 12am–8am, 6pm–12am
Tuesday 12am–8am, 6pm–12am
Wednesday 12am–8am, 6pm–12am
Thursday 12am–8am, 6pm–12am
Friday 12am–8am, 6pm–12am
Saturday 12am–8am, 12pm–12am
Sunday 24 hours
Public Holiday 24 hours

How it works

  • Call to book a home visit icon

    Call to book.
    Please provide booking ID *

  • Estimated time of arrival icon

    Receive SMS or call with doctor's ETA within 30 mins

  • GP home visit triage icon

    The doctor calls within 30 mins (or straight away if urgent) to:

    • GP offering reassurance icon

      Offer reassurance

    • GP checking that patient is safe to wait for a home visit icon

      Make sure the patient is safe to wait

    • Home visit doctor offering patient initial treatment advice icon

      Offer initial treatment advice

    • GP recommending an ambulance for sick patients icon

      Advise what to do if the patient deteriorates

  • Estimated time of arrival icon

    We send SMS updates (or call) if the doctor is delayed

  • Doctor attending for a home visit icon

    Doctor attends to treat and provides medications if needed

  • * A booking ID is not required but makes the booking process quicker for aged care staff. To register your facility with Night Doctor to receive the full benefits of our aged care doctor service please contact our manager.

Better aged care support

Streamlined booking

We know how frustrating it can be for busy aged care staff having to wait on hold for long periods of time when booking in a patient. So we won't keep you on hold. Your call will be answered straight away and a call back arranged if necessary.

To streamline bookings further, you can register your aged care home with Night Doctor. To learn more about how you can make bookings easier for your staff or to register your aged care facility, please contact our manager.

Doctor triage

Our doctors call the aged care staff within 30 minutes of booking (or straight away if there are any immediate clinical concerns) to discuss the patient’s condition. By doing so, initial treatment advice can be offered and a recommendation made as to whether the patient is safe to wait, or whether they must instead visit the Emergency Department (if appropriate for the patient).

Our doctors will also call the patient’s emergency contact or next of kin to discuss their condition prior to attending if the condition is serious. This allows relatives to be involved in the care process at an early stage.

Shorter waiting times

Our waiting times are significantly less on average than other home doctor services in Perth, due to an increased ratio of doctors to patients. We provide the aged care staff with an estimated arrival time within 30 mins of booking and update the staff about any unexpected delays.

Doctor assistants

Our doctors are accompanied on the road by an assistant who is trained to provide clinical support in the visit. By supporting the doctor in the visit, comprehensive care can be provided to the patient whilst reducing burden on busy aged care staff.


Our doctors carry a large selection of medications to get treatment started, and provide an adequate supply to cover until medications can be delivered by the local pharamacy.

Hospital referrals

For some care home patients, a referral to the hospital for urgent care after hours is necessary. However, a visit to the Emergency Department can be a very stressful experience for a patient, their family and the care home staff.

At Night Doctor, we believe that any decision to refer a patient to the Emergency Department should take into account the wishes of the relatives, and wherever possible the patient and their regular GP.

Before initiating a hospital referral our doctors will contact family members and discuss cases with aged care staff so that an informed referral decision can be made and wherever possible, avoid unnecessary stress for the patient, family and carers.

Book a visit: 1300 644 483